The EIC Accelerator is the European Commission’s flagship innovation funding programme that aims to identify, develop and scale-up breakthrough technologies and disruptive innovations. The budget available for SMEs and small midcaps via the EIC Accelerator is €10 billion in  2021-2027.


The call is extremely competitive and applications should have a good understanding of the key elements to be illustrated in the proposal.  

Through the newly designed Winnovart EIC Accelerator briefings, we aim to help SMEs to have an exhaustive overview of the EIC Accelerator and to develop a well-written grant proposal.


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As part of the Winnovart EIC Accelerator briefings, this week will focus on how to make an EIC Accelerator application stand out.


The application process comprises 3 phases, each being eliminatory and evaluated independently, hence in order to reach the 3rd phase - Pitching to the Jury - the applicant has to successfully pass the first 2 phases.


  • Phase 1: Write and submit a short application   



The short application comprises a 5-page illustration of the proposal, a video and a pitch presentation, which are evaluated by 4 remote expert evaluators, shortly after being submitted. At this stage, the expert evaluators will look into the novelty element of the proposal, timings proposed, potential to sale up, impact and team expertise and capability. 

If the proposal is approved by at least 2 expert evaluators, it will reach the 2nd phase. 


  • Phase 2: Write and submit a full application   



At this stage, the expert evaluators will assess the proposal based on the questions illustrated above. In order for the application to reach the next phase, the proposal has to be approved by all 3 expert evaluators. 


  • Phase 3: Interview 

Successful applications will be invited to a face-to-face interview to pitch their proposals in front of a Jury.



In order to better support clients, Winnovart has surveyed more than 50 expert evaluators with significant experience in the EIC Accelerator programme in order to identify the key aspects reviewed during the proposal assessment.  




Based on the above, a well-written proposal should be clear and consistent, present pertinent and measurable objectives and outcomes, clearly display a novelty element, illustrate realistic impacts and demonstrate the capability to successfully implement the project within the specified timeframe.






How can Winnovart help You?


We noticed there is a communication gap between the applicants and the funding agency operating the programmes. The feedback received by applicants after submitting the proposal lacks specific recommendations to be integrated in case of future submission.


Winnovart aims to address this gap by facilitating the interaction between interested applicants and expert evaluators with significant experience in the EIC funding programme. This will be done through our newly launched service, Winnovart Expert Evaluation that provides our clients with an independent expert review of their proposal prior to submission.


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Our team of experts evaluators will provide you with extensive feedback on your application (short or full) in any of the 2 phases and/or interview preparation that will significantly increase the chances of your application being funded.